Bank Statement Analysis

Deep ML driven insights from financial transactions in real time, for cash flow-based lending, insurance underwriting, personal finance and investment planning

Why Precisa?

With the rise of financial literacy in India, the demand for financial products like loans and insurance has increased and consequently, so has the number of payment defaulters. This has forced financial institutions to deploy more resources to validate the credibility of the buyers.

Bank statements are good indicators of a business entity or individual’s income, expenses, and most importantly, the spending pattern. Thus, most financial institutions determine the customer’s creditworthiness based on detailed scrutiny of the bank statements.

We aim to simplify the bank statement analysis process, with our easy-to-use web application which allows you to upload bank statements and presents actionable insights in visually appealing, intuitive dashboards in real-time.

How Precisa Works?

The Bank Statement Analyser extracts data from the bank statement, classifies & categorizes transactions, analyses the data, detects fraudulent transactions and other anomalies, and assigns an overall creditworthiness score called Precisa score.

Precisa Features

Precisa Score

Volatility Score

Suspicious Activities

Transactional Patterns

Circular Transactions

Cheque Returns(In/Out)

Aggregation Across Multiple Bank Accounts

Account Aggregator Integration

Export Analysis to Excel

Precisa Features

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