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About Us

The digital economy is transforming lives of individuals and organizations like never before, and it is doing so at high speed. Financial services are proliferating fast with the idea of making banking, credit, insurance, investments, advisory available to all. This socio-economic mission could be conceived with the availability of transactions digitally very simplistically as electronic statements and more sophisticatedly through public goods like the Credit Bureaus, UIDAI, Income Tax Portal, GSTN, Account Aggregators, and such that can help service providers to evaluate individuals and entities.

At Precisa, we are on the mission to create the financial persona of an entity by looking at its financial transactions through self-submitted electronic statements and consent-based access to the public goods to then analyse the same, run assessment rules on them like the gating rules and the underwriting rules, and help organizations serve their end customers in better, smarter, and faster ways.

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate individuals who are leveraging technology to solve real business problems to build solutions that are available to the wider and deeper market in easy, meaningful, and ROI considerate ways. We synergistically bring together rich technology, process, and domain knowledge with the verve of passionate go-getters.