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Precisa Credit Report Analysis

  • Bureau data connector for real-time Credit Report pull
  • 360 degree view of a customer's financial history combining data from bank accounts, GST returns and credit reports, for judicious financial decisions
  • Cross analysis gives holistic view of active loans & EMI obligations by matching loans in the credit report with bank transactions

How Precisa Credit Report Analysis works?

Precisa's Credit Reports Analyser takes Consumer's Personal & Contact Details as Input, connects to Credit Bureau data source using Member Account login credentials obtained as part of customer onboarding process, performs hard pull of the Credit Report, analyses the data, generates cross analysis of Credit Report & Bank transactions data, assigns an overall creditworthiness score called Precisa Score.

Precisa Credit Report Analyser Features

Bureau Data Connector

CIBIL Consumer Report Fetch

Credit Report Analysis

Precisa Score

Cross Analysis of Credit Report and Bank Transactions

Export Analysis to Excel

Precisa Credit Report Analyser Features

APIs for Integration

Integrate Precisa’s Analytics capability with your existing systems with a few simple steps, and give your team a smooth, fast and secure user experience.

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