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Account Aggregator Overview

Precisa is integrated with Account Aggregator ecosystem for real-time credit analysis

Account Aggregator Integration

Connect to Account Aggregators (AAs) with Finezza’s FIU Module and fetch financial data in real time.

Integrate Finezza's FIU Module with an existing credit evaluation software or use out-of-the-box integration with Finezza LOS & Precisa Financial Data Analytics for quick and fool proof credit decisioning.

How Account Aggregator Integration works?

Key Benefits

Seamless, safe and swift data sharing

No physical documents

Verified data

Real time

Low fraud risk

One time consent, multiple data fetches

Key Benefits

Integrated Solutions

Finezza Loan Origination System

Manage loan origination journey from Enquiry to Loan Disbursement in a single integrated system. Seamlessly fetch financial data using Account Aggregator connector for credit evaluation & loan approval.

Precisa Bank Statement Analysis

Upload bank statements or fetch transactions from the Bank using out-of-the-box Account Aggregator connector, and get fast and acccurate analysis of one or more bank accounts.

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