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1. What does APIs mean?

APIs are Application Programming Interfaces. Precisa provides APIs which allow you to integrate the bank statement analysis capability with other applications or platforms.


2. How many APIs for Bank statement Analysis does Precisa Provide?

APIs are available for all the functionality you experience in Precisa Web App.


3. Can I get API access in my Precisa Enterprise Plan?

APIs are available only as part of Custom Plan at present.


4. How do I access API documentation?

You can sign up for free trial to view API Documentation from Precisa Web App using the link available in the Main Menu.


5. Will Precisa provide technical support for API implementation?

Yes, Technical Support is available for API implementation as part of Custom Plan.


6. How do I access Tech support for APIs?

You can write to support@precisa.in.


7. How is the billing plan for APIs done in Precisa?

Billing plan for the APIs will be customised. Please contact sales@precisa.in for more details.