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1. Who is a User?

User in Precisa refers to the individual or entity who will be logging into Precisa Web App or API to perform operations provided in the tool.


2. What does Unlimited Users mean?

You can add any number of users to a paid plan from the Precisa Web App or API. For example, if you have 10 team members in your department or organisation you can create Precisa User Accounts for all 10 of them.


3. How many Users can I add to my Precisa Plan? 

You can add any number of Users to your Precisa Paid Plans i.e, Precisa Professional, Precisa Enterprise and Precisa Custom.


4. If a User leaves the company, can I delete their Precisa User Account? 

You can deactivate a Precisa User. Deactivated users will not be able to log into Precisa Web App or API. However, all the Bank Statement Analysis done by them will be preserved and will be accessible by other users in the organisation.