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Bank Accounts

1. What is Bank Account?

A Bank Account is an arrangement with a bank which allows you to keep your money in the bank and to take some out when you need it.


2. What types of Bank accounts does Precisa Analyse?

Precisa supports 4 types of Bank Accounts: 

  1. Savings Account
  2. Current Account
  3. Overdraft Account
  4. Cash Credit Account


3. How many Banks does Precisa support ?

Precisa supports over 300 Banks and 750 + Bank statement formats at present. In case you have a bank or a bank statement format that is not supported you can contact us at support@precisa.in, and we’ll be happy to add it within one business day.


4. Does a Bank Account to be analysed need to have a bank statement?

Yes, a Bank Account needs to have at least one ban statement file for analysis.


5. How many bank statement files can I upload for One Bank Account?

Up to 12 bank statements files can be uploaded per bank account.


6. If the entity/company being analysed has more than one bank account then can Precisa handle it?

Yes, multiple bank accounts corresponding to an entity can be analysed in a single Precisa Report. Analysis is generated at individual bank account level and at aggregate level.