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User Training & Support

1. Does Precisa provide training for each customer?

Precisa provides user training only under Custom Plan on need basis. Precisa Professional & Precisa Enterprise users can refer to precisa.in/help site for product related information and contact support@precisa.in if they have any questions.


2. If I need to understand the billing plans more in detail who can I write to?

You can send email to contactus@precisa.in.


3. If I need to understand the billing plans in detail who can I talk to?

You can call Santosh Shetty at +91 98450 76647


4. What are the support channels through which I can approach Precisa?

You can send email to support@precisa.in or submit support request form using the link available in Precisa Web App main menu.


5. What is the turnaround time for fixing a new format/bank statement type?

Turnaround time for add new Bank or Bank Statement Format is eight (8) business hours.


6. What are the support timings?

Support is available Monday thru’ Saturday during business hours from 9AM to 6PM.