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Salary transactions summary across all bank accounts is displayed in this tab. This data is helpful in assessing regular source of income of the borrower in case of Personal/ Home/ Autos Loans and regular operating expenses of a business in case of Business Loans credit evaluation. Let’s say a borrower, Amala Kumar has received five monthly salary credits from his employer Murthy Garments for Rs. 18,500 i.e., five credit transactions from Murthy Garments are found in the bank statement for the same amount. In this scenario, one row will be displayed in Salary Tab with following details:

  1. Bank Account
  2. Start date – date of first salary credit from Murthy Garments
  3. End date – date of last salary credit from Murthy Garments
  4. Particulars – transaction narration of the first salary credit from Murthy Garments 
  5. Counterparty – Murthy Garments
  6. Debit – <blank> 
  7. Credit – amount received i.e., Rs. 18,500
  8. Interval – monthly
  9. Txn count – 5 i.e., number of times these transactions occurred. Click on this number to view detailed transactions
  10. Misses – 0 (ZERO), meaning there were no gaps in salary payments during this time period 

If the borrower happens to have switched jobs during the review period, then multiple rows will be displayed in this tab corresponding to each of the employers.