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Create User

To create user, 

  • Go to Manage users page from main menu
  • Click the “New user” button 
  • New user page will be displayed
  • Enter Full name, Email address and select Role (Admin or User) and click Save. This matrix shows the actions permitted for each role:
Action User Admin
Sign in Yes Yes
Manage reports (Create, Edit/ View, Delete, Download) Yes Yes
Manage users (Create, Edit/ View, Change status) No Yes
Manage subscription  No Yes
View profile Yes Yes
Change password Yes Yes

New user will be added and login details will be sent to the user’s email. “Resend login email” link will be available in the Manage user page until the user logs into Precisa for the first time. Click this link to re-send the login email if required.

By default, user status is set to “Active”, meaning users can log into Precisa and perform actions permitted for their role. User account can be deactivated by changing the status to “Inactive” from the Edit user screen.