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Bank Account Analysis

To view combined analysis of the bank statements uploaded for a Bank Account,

  • Go to Reports page from main menu
  • Find and Click on the Report Name 
  • Report Details Page will be displayed
  • On the left navigation bar, Bank Accounts for which analysis is ready will be displayed. Clicking on a Bank Account name will display the analysis on the right side organised in tabs:
    • Overview 
    • Transactions 
    • Irregularities
    • Monthly Summary
    • Daily Balance
    • Circular Transactions
    • Bounced Cheques 
    • Salary
    • Categories
    • Cash flow
    • Business cash flow
    • Counterparty
    • OD/CC utilization
    • Recurring payments
    • Recurring deposits 
    • EMI payments 
    • Loans 
    • Available balance