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EMI Payments

EMI payments or other instalments being paid from the Bank Account are displayed in this tab. These are subset of “Recurring Payments”. EMI transactions help to understand active loans, investments and other regular instalments being paid by the user. Following details are displayed about each recurring EMI payment:

  1. Start date – first payment occurrence 
  2. End date – last payment occurrence 
  3. Particulars – payment description
  4. Counterparty – name of the recipient 
  5. Amount – recurring payment amount. For e.g., if monthly EMI of ₹20,000 is being paid for car, then the amount displayed here will be ₹20,000
  6. Txn count – number of times payments made. Click on this number to view corresponding transactions
  7. Interval – payment interval
  8. Misses – number of times payment was missed. This could be an indication of tendency to default