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Create Report

You can create a report by clicking “New report” on the Home page or Manage Reports page. There’s no limit on the number of reports that can be created.

New report page will be displayed containing following sections and attributes:

Report – enter following details about the report:

    • Report name (required) – alphanumeric & special characters on the keyboard are allowed. Can be up to 300 char long
    • Reference ID (optional) – alphanumeric & special characters on the keyboard are allowed. Can be up to 300 char long. This attribute can be used for cross referencing the report in external system like Loan Origination System

Bank Account – by default, one Bank Account card is displayed. You can upload files you want to analyse by dragging & dropping the file in the allocated space or by clicking “browse” and selecting the file(s) from your computer.

Precisa supports eStatements in PDF, xls, csv & txt formats, and Scanned Statements in PDF, PNG, JPEG & JPG formats.

Following details are automatically extracted from PDF eStatement files and populated in the Bank Account form fields. In case of Scanned Statements, these details have to be entered manually. 

    • Bank name (required) 
    • Account type (required) – Savings, Current, Overdraft, Cash Credit
    • Account number (required)
    • Account opening date – this is used for computing Account Age, displayed in the Analysis
    • IFSC code – this is used for retrieving the Branch name & address
    • MICR code
    • IFSC Branch name
    • IFSC Branch address
    • Statement start date & Statement end date – these details are used for computing the Statement duration and No Transaction Months displayed in the Analysis
    • Account holder name
    • Joint holder name
    • Email address of the Account holder
    • Phone number of the Account holder
    • Account holder address
    • Sanction limit – for Overdraft and Cash Credit accounts. It is advisable to enter this information to get accurate analysis of the Bank Account

Use “Add Bank Account” to add more Bank Accounts.

Save – will be enabled when all the required fields on the page are filled. When this button is clicked, report is saved and Bank Account(s) analysis status displayed in a message box. Analysis can take one to five minutes depending on the number of transactions to be processed. 

Cancel – you can click cancel to dismiss the report creation operation at any time.

See “Understanding Analysis Status” page for deep dive into Analysis status.