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Home Page

Precisa Home Page is the first page you see when you log into Precisa Web app.

By default the main menu will be expanded. It can be collapsed/ expanded by clicking the waffle menu icon on the top-left corner of the Navigation Bar. You can use this menu for navigating to different workspaces within the application.

In the main work area on the right, following information cards are displayed:

  • Message banner – subscription related announcements are displayed here
  • Subscription usage metrics – Bank Accounts subscribed, Bank Accounts used, Reports created and Bank statements uploaded
  • Quick links to key pages
  • Recently used – links to three most recently accessed reports are displayed here to help you resume your work from where you left off. Click on a link to go to Report details page
  • Active Bank Accounts status – distribution of Active Bank Accounts by analysis status. See “Understanding analysis status” for more information
  • Bank Accounts usage graph shows distribution of “Bank Accounts subscribed” count by lifecycle status,
    • Active – Bank Accounts added to a Report for analysis where the Report/ Account is still active
    • Deleted – Bank Accounts added to a Report for analysis and later deleted
    • Available – This is the pending count of Bank Accounts that can be used in the current month. Unused Bank Accounts will expire at the end of the month
  • User metrics – user level statistics
    • User name
    • Reports created – Count of reports created by the user
    • Accounts added – Count of Bank Accounts added to Report(s) by the user for analysis
    • Statements uploaded – Count of Bank Account statements uploaded by the user for analysis